I am a Partner in the Litigation Department and have over 30 years experience of all aspects of commercial dispute resolution, including:

  • Contracts disputes in a broad range of areas including commission claims, construction issues, company/shareholder arguments, partnership disputes and many other trade-related matters (including debt recovery);
  • Advising on corporate and personal insolvency issues including resisting claims by Liquidators or working with them to recover money for creditors, and advising on threatened disqualification proceedings;
  • Advising on bringing or defending fraud claims and identifying/preserving assets; and
  • Assisting professional clients to defend negligence claims or clients to bring them.
  • Compulsory acquisition claims (including many businesses located in what became the Olympic Park);
  • Claims for mis-sold and Interest Rate Hedging Products (Swaps)

in each case guiding them through the complex procedures and processes involved together with suitable specialist valuers and/or accounting experts.

Outside of work I enjoy playing and watching tennis and golf, and (ideally destructive) gardening.

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