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Changes to Companies House Fees: Understanding the Impact.

It has been announced that effective 1st May 2024, Companies House, the United Kingdom's registrar of companies, has made significant changes to its fee structure. These changes are aimed at modernizing the services offered by Companies House and ensuring the sustainability of its operations. While some fees will increase, others will decrease or remain unchanged. Let's investigate the details and understand how these changes might affect businesses. Some fees are going up: Filing Fees: The cost of filing certain documents, like company accounts online, will increase. This could affect businesses,…

Commercial Landlords: Understanding Your Responsibilities

As a commercial landlord, it can often feel like you're navigating a maze of obligations and responsibilities. From ensuring the safety of the premises to managing the terms of your lease agreements, it's a line of work that requires careful attention to detail. Knowing exactly what your buildings are being used for by tenants is an important part of this. In this guide, we look at some of the key points that you must be aware of as a commercial landlord. Understanding Your Obligations as a Commercial Landlord As a…

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Spring Budget Summary 2024

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his 'Budget for Long Term Growth' on Wednesday 6 March 2024. His speech promised 'more investment, more jobs, better public services and lower taxes', together with tax breaks designed to boost the country’s film industry. The package promises more than £1 billion in additional tax reliefs to creative industries over the next five years. Theatre, orchestras and museums were also singled out with extended rates of tax reliefs and the National Theatre received £26m for infrastructure upgrades. The Chancellor announced a further two per cent…

A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing a House Without Viewing in the UK

Purchasing a House Without Viewing in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a property is a significant milestone, and the process usually involves a great deal of planning and research. However, in some cases, you may find yourself considering purchasing a house without viewing it first. While this may seem daunting, it is a practice that is becoming increasingly common, especially in today's digital age. This article will provide you with an extensive guide on how to navigate this process, highlighting the potential risks and strategies to mitigate them, and ensuring you make an informed decision. Understanding Sight Unseen Purchases When…

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