Debt recovery: range of fixed fees

We are required to give some indication of what these costs might be, but with contested debts this is extremely difficult since there are so many possible variations.

We do not undertake this work on a fixed fee basis. Our time will be charged on an hourly basis with rates ranging from below £120 per hour including VAT for trainee lawyers up to £360 per hour including VAT for senior lawyers.

Any expenses we incur on your behalf – for example, court fees, bailiffs’ charges or the fees charged by barristers or accountants assisting with the claim – are charged in addition and we may ask for these to be covered ahead of the work being done.

If you wish to know more about the costs that might apply to your claim please telephone Peter Laskey (0208 221 8062) or David Stancliffe (0208 221 8068) who will be happy to discuss this with you.


Team members

Please click on the named links below to find out more about individual debt recovery team members, outlining their legal experience and expertise:

Peter Laskey – Partner

David Stancliffe – Senior Associate Solicitor

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