The Bowling & Co Banking and Finance team of specialist lawyers provide a comprehensive service to wide ranging, UK and international clients involved in finance transactions. We deliver a complete lifecycle service and optimum, cost-effective work through experience, expertise and transparency.

Our clients praise our ability to meet their challenges, exchange information effectively with all relevant parties and create relationships that help their business grow. Many see us as their trusted advisors and their confidence in us can be seen through the long lasting relationships we have developed.

We understand how important it is for clients to optimise their business interests through banking and finance. Our focus on transparency and trusted advice enables clients to better understand the complexities of the banking and finance sector and effectively plan and execute business decisions. This allows client to maximise the value out of their investments through more effective decisions and efficient cost management.

We are able to advise on a broad spectrum of banking and finance matters including:

Corporate lending
Acquisition finance
Corporate debt and equity restructuring
Corporate finance, including joint ventures and equity investment
Property acquisition, investment and development finance
Insolvency and restructuring
All types of corporate, business and personal security and subordination issues

Team Involved

Dinesh Raja

Dinesh Raja

Managing Partner
Huseyin E. Huseyin

Huseyin E. Huseyin

Senior Partner, Head of Commercial Property
Huseyin Youssouf
Peter Laskey

Peter Laskey

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution
Tony Chauhan

Tony Chauhan


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