Debt Recovery – Start The New Tax Year Better

Debt recovery – start the new tax year better

The new tax year began on 6th April 2022, and while you may not have made any ‘new year, new you’ promises, it could be time to sort out your business finances. It can be easy to let things slip - a late invoice, a missed payment and even an unpaying customer or client. However, when all of these add up, it can have a catastrophic effect on your cash flow and the longevity of your business. This article looks at simple steps you can take to improve your debt…

Travel Operators And Hope For Holidaymakers When Things Go Wrong

Travel operators and hope for holidaymakers when things go wrong

The dream of a tropical paradise became a nightmare, and a long-running legal battle, for one holidaymaker after she was subjected to a violent assault by a member of the hotel’s maintenance staff. But now, eleven years on, the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling, supporting the victim’s claim and clarifying the responsibilities of tour operators for the actions of an employee of a service provider, in a judgement that has far-reaching implications. Package tour operators have an obligation to make sure that the providers they use are up…

Understanding Force Majeure And Covid-19

Understanding force majeure and Covid-19

Understanding force majeure in relation to Covid-19 and how lockdown has impacted businesses is likely to become a hot topic over the coming months. And in particular, it may be the case for those companies looking to claim that the coronavirus pandemic has given rise to circumstances beyond their control in delivering on contracts, it is a ‘force’ of a different sort that is concentrating minds. In one of the few cases to consider the impact of the pandemic on company contracts to date, the High Court has ruled that…

Long Leases For London’s Tenants

Long leases for London’s tenants

Sadiq Khan leads the way with long leases for London's tenants looking to get on the shared ownership property ladder. Affordable Housing Programme The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has outlined plans to sell shared ownership homes delivered as part of his new Affordable Housing Programme with long leases for London's tenants on a standard 999-year lease term. Sadiq is determined that London leads by example and sets the benchmark for higher standards for leaseholders across the UK.  The new expectation, which was set out in a letter written by…

How To Repossess Your Property From Squatters

How to repossess your property from squatters

Squatters have been an inconvenience for landlords, both residential and commercial, for many years. Of course, in residential situations, a person trespassing, or squatting in a house is a criminal offence, and assistance from the police is common. In a commercial scenario, the situation is far more complex and time-consuming, with a squatter having to be evicted with assistance from the courts and with possession being enforced by County or High Court Enforcement Officers. Our Litigation department at Bowling & Co recently assisted a client to recover possession of their…

Bonfires And The Law: What Are The Rules, And Have They Changed In Light Of COVID-19?

Bonfires and the law: What are the rules, and have they changed in light of COVID-19?

With the dark nights coming in and summer drawing to a close, you may be considering having a bonfire. Either to dispose of waste that has accrued over the summer, to celebrate bonfire night, or simply to keep you warm in the garden as the evenings get chillier, a controlled fire in your garden may seem like the perfect solution. Specifically, there are no laws against having a bonfire in your garden. However, there are laws to protect the rights of those around you from the nuisance a bonfire may…

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