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Inheritance Tax: Strategies to Secure Your Family’s Financial Future

There has been speculation in the media for the past few years about Inheritance tax (IHT) as a potential target for tax reform, but so far this has not come to fruition. People are fearful of the bills they will leave for their families, but the reality is that many who worry fall well below the threshold at which IHT is payable.  But with IHT charged at 40 per cent it’s certainly worth doing a regular check on where you stand, as those who could be liable can minimise their…

Permission to travel abroad with children

When it comes to travelling abroad with a child, parents often have questions about the legal implications, especially if the child has a different surname. In England and Wales, parental rights and responsibilities are primarily governed by the Children Act 1989, which outlines the rules regarding parental responsibility, including decisions related to a child's upbringing. This article will explore the legal considerations surrounding taking a child with a different surname abroad and provide guidance on navigating this situation. Understanding Parental Responsibility Parental Responsibility is defined as encompassing all the rights,…

Understanding your legal obligations to send your child to school

Understanding the requirements, you, as a parent, have to ensure your child attends school is crucial for a successful educational journey. This article aims to provide parents with valuable insights into various aspects of their child's attendance, helping them navigate the requirements, including the legal rules around school attendance. Legal attendance requirements In the UK, education is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 16. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your child's regular attendance. It is important to familiarise yourself with the specific attendance…


Divorce and your Will

In a 2021 survey, over two-thirds of happily married couples were uncertain about their estate's fate in a divorce. Additionally, 37% believed their former spouse would lose any claim to their estate post-divorce. Read more.
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