Travel Operators And Hope For Holidaymakers When Things Go Wrong

Travel operators and hope for holidaymakers when things go wrong

The dream of a tropical paradise became a nightmare, and a long-running legal battle, for one holidaymaker after she was subjected to a violent assault by a member of the hotel’s maintenance staff. But now, eleven years on, the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling, supporting the victim’s claim and clarifying the responsibilities of tour operators for the actions of an employee of a service provider, in a judgement that has far-reaching implications. Package tour operators have an obligation to make sure that the providers they use are up…

Is It Legal To Camp Anywhere In The UK?

Is it legal to camp anywhere in the UK?

Amid a global pandemic and with travel restrictions looming large in the UK, travelling to a holiday destination abroad may seem a far stretch.  However, not to fall into a pit of despair, the weather seems to be on the up. With warmer weather and the glorious countryside, camping is a great alternative. Whilst camping is an attractive option, it is important to be mindful of the laws concerning camping and wild camping in the UK. Equipped with the knowledge of the law, you can set out and enjoy your…

Chancellor Empties His Purse For A Pandemic-beating Budget

Chancellor empties his purse for a pandemic-beating budget

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the UK’s economic agenda dominated the Chancellor’s 2021 Budget Statement, with support for business and jobs receiving top-line billing. In a statement focused on “protecting jobs and livelihoods”, the Chancellor outlined a range of measures designed to provide a continuing safety net for individuals, businesses, and the wider economy during the planned exit from lockdown and beyond, as outlined in the Prime Minister’s roadmap in February. This further support will see the country recording the highest-ever level of peacetime borrowing, at 16.9% of…

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