Travel Operators And Hope For Holidaymakers When Things Go Wrong

Travel operators and hope for holidaymakers when things go wrong

The dream of a tropical paradise became a nightmare, and a long-running legal battle, for one holidaymaker after she was subjected to a violent assault by a member of the hotel’s maintenance staff. But now, eleven years on, the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling, supporting the victim’s claim and clarifying the responsibilities of tour operators for the actions of an employee of a service provider, in a judgement that has far-reaching implications. Package tour operators have an obligation to make sure that the providers they use are up…

Returning Faulty Christmas Gifts: What Are Your Rights?

Returning faulty Christmas gifts: What are your rights?

It can be disappointing to discover that a Christmas gift is faulty, but fortunately, you do have certain rights when it comes to returning gifts that do not function as they should. You may also be able to return gifts that you simply did not want or do not need. However, your rights differ if the product is in good working condition. In this post, we look at your rights when returning both faulty and unwanted Christmas gifts. Can I return a faulty Christmas gift? If a gift you have…

Debt Collection In The Wake Of The Coronavirus Pandemic – What Are The Options?

Debt collection in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic – what are the options?

In this article, we look at debt collection during the coronavirus pandemic, to help you understand what options are available to you. In these uncertain times, no matter how big or small your business is, managing cash flow can be challenging. One particular difficulty for many firms is dealing with debt collection. Maximising debt collection should be a priority for your business to secure your financial future, but it may be tough to navigate during the pandemic. At present, many of your debtors may be struggling financially, or claim they…

New Debt Claim procedure

A pre-action protocol relating to debt claims has for the first time been introduced as of 1 October 2017. The protocol requires certain steps to be taken and certain information to be provided to the debtor before legal proceedings can be started. However, the protocol only applies to debts owed to a business by an individual or sole trader, not business to business debts. The aim of the protocol is to encourage early engagement and communication between the parties and help them to resolve the matter- including agreeing a payment…

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