Housing Growth Partnership Funding For Developers

Housing Growth Partnership funding for developers

Housing Growth Partnership (HGP) has been granted an additional £300 million in funding by the Government with the aim of building 10,000 new homes by 2025! What is the funding programme all about? Created in 2016, the Housing Growth Partnership says its aim is to bridge the homebuilder funding gap, aid more homebuilding, and allow housebuilders to grow their businesses. The HGP announced at the end of September, that a further £300 million funding programme, provided by Homes England and Lloyds Banking Group, would fill the gap with homebuilders and…

SDLT Holiday Ends Soon!

SDLT holiday ends soon!

September 30th sees the final day for Stamp Duty Land Tax relief. This has meant a lot of late nights and anxious buyers, sellers, and solicitors up and down the country as the end of the second phase of tapering will see SDLT returning to the previous thresholds of £125,000 for residential properties, £150,000 for non-residential land and properties. Why was the SDLT holiday introduced?   The SDLT relief was introduced on 8th July 2020 to encourage and boost the property market from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown. It…

Homebuyers’ Sentiments In India Have Changed Since COVID-19

Homebuyers’ sentiments in India have changed since COVID-19

Our client Anarock Property Consultants has recently published the results of their Pan India survey that provides a longitudinal view of consumer sentiments about the residential market and about changing consumer consumption attitudes since the outbreak of COVID-19. Industry body CII and property consultant Anarock conducted the online survey during January-June this year with a sample size of 4,965 participants. In the report, CII and Anarock say that the COVID-19 pandemic has altered homebuyers' preferences significantly, with the second wave being a significant change catalyst. I would love to hear…

Property Boundary Disputes – Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Property boundary disputes – getting to the root of the problem

Property boundary disputes are increasing as householders spend more time at home and in their gardens due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is fuelling a rise in boundary disputes as infrequent niggles have translated into nagging complaints, with overhanging branches, encroaching tree roots and towering hedges proving to be a major source of disagreement.   But when it comes to overhanging branches, and fruit falling into a neighbour’s garden, there’s not always a clear-cut answer, even where it poses a health threat. Various protections may impact the right to trim back…

Leasehold Property Changes For New Buyers

Leasehold property changes for new buyers

Change is in sight for buyers of new leasehold properties, with the passage through Parliament of a bill that will see the ending of ground rent, but it will not help existing leaseholders struggling with onerous terms. The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill applies to new, qualifying long residential leases in England and Wales and was tabled in response to one of the Law Commission’s recommendations designed to overhaul residential property in England and Wales. The recommendations address unfair practices in the leasehold system, which has already seen a ban…

New Legislation For Residential Landlords

New legislation for residential landlords

Residential landlords are under pressure to keep on top of a raft of new legislation and guidelines this year, including many protections for tenants extended by the government during the pandemic. They include a continuing hold on evictions, the new debt moratorium scheme, and changes to validating the right to rent, through to permission for pets, new rules on electrical testing and the anticipated extension for carbon monoxide monitoring later in the year.  Landlords must also comply with the shift to online reporting to HMRC, under the Making Tax Digital…

Property Evictions To Resume

Property evictions to resume

Property evictions are to resume but residential tenants will continue to be assisted during the Covid-19 restrictions with longer notice periods remaining in place until at least October 2021. This was announced by The Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher, on the 12th of May. During the initial lockdown in 2020, the Government reformatted the notice periods for residential tenancies, affording tenants extra protection during the pandemic. As part of these temporary changes, a Section 21 Notice (which normally provides a tenant a 2-month notice to vacate a property) was extended to…

Blog: Short-term Holiday Lets: Home-owners Must Check The Small Print 

Blog: Short-term holiday lets: home-owners must check the small print 

As the shutters lift on life, with shops and bars opening and holiday planning underway, property owners may be thinking of cashing in on the demand for UK trips by offering their home for short-term holiday lets, but they may run into trouble if they don’t check the small print. As the shutters lift on life, with shops and bars opening and holiday planning underway, property owners may be thinking of cashing in on the demand for UK trips by offering their home for short-term lets, but they may run…

News: Stamp Duty Holiday Extended Until The End Of June

News: Stamp duty holiday extended until the end of June

What does it mean for you? In the Budget, today, the Chancellor has confirmed that the stamp duty holiday on properties priced up to £500,000 has been extended by three months until the end of June. In addition, the holiday will also apply to properties priced up to £250,000 until the end of September 2021! The extension provides relief for buyers who were unlikely to complete their transactions before the original March 31 deadline. With a tax cut now available for buyers until September, this should also help to ensure…

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