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Companies must be on track for Covid-safe workplace

Companies must be on track for Covid-safe workplace

Companies anticipating a return to the workplace in July, if the Government’s route map stays on track, should be planning how to protect workers and customers once the country is released from the current Covid-related restrictions.  Although the Government may decide that it is safe to relax regulations and recommendations around social distancing and large groups, the virus will still be circulating, and individuals could become infected or pass the virus on to others in the workplace. Planning ahead and involving staff in the planning process is the best approach. …

Understanding force majeure and Covid-19

Understanding force majeure and Covid-19

Understanding force majeure in relation to Covid-19 and how lockdown has impacted businesses is likely to become a hot topic over the coming months. And in particular, it may be the case for those companies looking to claim that the coronavirus pandemic has given rise to circumstances beyond their control in delivering on contracts, it is a ‘force’ of a different sort that is concentrating minds. In one of the few cases to consider the impact of the pandemic on company contracts to date, the High Court has ruled that…

Five tips for businesses

Blog: Five tips for businesses dealing with unpaid invoices

In this blog we suggest 5 tips for businesses dealing with unpaid invoices The coronavirus pandemic has caused financial difficulties for many and could be making the problem of late payments worse for both small businesses, the self-employed and freelancers. Carrying the weight of unpaid invoices really can make doing business challenging. The Forum of Private Business indicates that 1 in 4 businesses fall into insolvency as a result of late payment of invoices. While business owners need to worry about paying suppliers, staff members, rent and bills, unpaid invoices…

Covid-19_ Business Interruption

News: Covid-19 – Business interruption insurance

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to widespread disruption and economic volatility which had a significant impact on businesses. Particularly, the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have suffered a significant level of financial loss.  A large number of affected businesses have made claims for the losses under their business interruption insurance policies. However, there is uncertainty over the business interruption (BI) insurance policies’ cover in the context of Covid-19 claims. Recently, the Newcastle Circuit Commercial Court (Court) has struck out a BI losses claim in consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic where…

Critical corporate

Blog: Critical corporate reporting for company relocations during the pandemic

A complex court case over conflicting dispute resolution provisions has highlighted a simple, but vital, takeaway on the importance of critical corporate reporting for company relocations during the pandemic. It applies to all UK registered companies and has come about as the result of an increase in unattended offices or those subject to permanent closure due to the pandemic. The case involved an aircraft operating lease for a Boeing 737 between Helice Leasing and PT Garuda[1], an Indonesian company with a UK office. When Garuda defaulted on the payments, the…

Legal advice

Why it is important to get proper legal advice?

Why it is important to get proper legal advice and why you should exercise caution when using the internet for legal advice. In a world where so much information is available freely online, do you still need the advice of a lawyer? A simple Google search of your legal problems can provide thousands of relevant articles, and perhaps a friend has shared information on social media that seems like the answer you are looking for. However, we would always recommend seeking proper legal advice - it could even save you thousands…

Court rules

Court rules in favour of business interruption insurance claims

  As coronavirus continues its freeze on normal life, with strict lockdown measures back in place, many businesses will have breathed a sigh of relief following a Supreme Court ruling (on Friday 15th January) confirming when business interruption insurance claims should be paid out during a pandemic. Lockdown and tier restrictions since March 2020 have seen many businesses temporarily closing down or making significant operational reductions for weeks or months at a time, resulting in huge damage to their operations and loss of income. Court rules in favour of business…

Employee data protection

Why Big Brother needs to watch out when it comes to employee monitoring

The ‘Big Brother’ surveillance scenario envisaged by George Orwell has long since become reality.  The ability to watch citizens outlined in the futuristic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1949, is now firmly fact, not fiction. Rolling back to 2013, the British Security Industry Association estimated that the number of CCTV surveillance cameras in the UK numbered some 4 to 6 million and recent estimates put London in the top three cities worldwide having the highest number of cameras by population.  This race towards technological surveillance and monitoring saw a further boost during…

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