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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Spring Budget Summary 2024

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his 'Budget for Long Term Growth' on Wednesday 6 March 2024. His speech promised 'more investment, more jobs, better public services and lower taxes', together with tax breaks designed to boost the country’s film industry. The package promises more than £1 billion in additional tax reliefs to creative industries over the next five years. Theatre, orchestras and museums were also singled out with extended rates of tax reliefs and the National Theatre received £26m for infrastructure upgrades. The Chancellor announced a further two per cent…

Common myths about inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax planning is a crucial aspect of financial management, yet it is often shrouded in misconceptions and myths. As the New Year begins, it's an opportune time to debunk these common misunderstandings and shed light on the realities of effective inheritance tax planning.

In Memoriam Peter Laskey

Peter Laskey 1957 – 2022 Peter joined Bowling & Co as a Partner in January 2005 and took on the position of Head of Dispute Resolution, a role that he held until his passing. As an integral part of the Senior Management team at Bowling & Co, Peter was a highly skilled litigator with over 35 years of experience. All of his colleagues and friends at Bowling & Co and his clients and contacts will fondly remember Peter, not only for his wisdom and advocacy skills, but above all for…

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