Property Boundary Disputes – Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Property boundary disputes – getting to the root of the problem

Property boundary disputes are increasing as householders spend more time at home and in their gardens due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is fuelling a rise in boundary disputes as infrequent niggles have translated into nagging complaints, with overhanging branches, encroaching tree roots and towering hedges proving to be a major source of disagreement.   But when it comes to overhanging branches, and fruit falling into a neighbour’s garden, there’s not always a clear-cut answer, even where it poses a health threat. Various protections may impact the right to trim back…

To Rent Or Buy A Commercial Property – Which Is The Best Option?

To rent or buy a commercial property – which is the best option?

Deciding to rent or buy premises if you are considering an office move or expansion can be difficult. There are several factors you should consider and making the right decision can be challenging. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of each to give you an idea of what you may wish to think about or discuss with your adviser. Potential investment opportunity Firstly, like with any property purchase, buying a commercial property could be seen as an investment. The property may increase in value, and when…

The Beginning Of The End Of Leasehold 

The beginning of the end of leasehold 

Leasehold property owners are set for important changes in the coming months. The Government is planning to grant new rights on lease extensions and ending ground rent, which signals the beginning of the end of leasehold and this form of ownership. The government has indicated there will be a shift to ‘commonhold’ on the horizon, but the benefits to householders are likely to take time to filter through. Nearly all flats and some houses in England and Wales are owned on a leasehold basis, giving the owner the right to…

Stamp Duty Land Tax: 2% Surcharge For Non-UK Residents

Stamp Duty Land Tax: 2% surcharge for non-UK residents

In the Spring 2020 Budget the government confirmed that non-UK resident who bought residential property in England and Northern Ireland will be subject to an increased rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). A surcharge of 2 percent will be imposed on transactions with an effective date on or after 1 April 2021. A non-resident residential purchase (for more than £40,000) of a major interest in land, where the buyer is (or, if there is more than one buyer, includes) a person who is non-resident. On 26 October 2020, HMRC…

COVID-19 Update: Protections From Forfeiture For Non-payment Of Rent

COVID-19 update: Protections from forfeiture for non-payment of rent

In October, our blog explained how commercial tenants should act without delay when applying for relief from forfeiture from non-payment of rent. A further update to this is that business tenants affected by COVID-19 will continue to benefit, until 31 March 2021, from: Protection from forfeiture for non-payment of rent. This will bring the length of time business tenants have been given support from the threat of eviction to one year. Restrictions on landlords recovering unpaid rent by the exercise of commercial rent arrears recovery. If you would like any…

Property Boom As Home And Overseas Buyers Rush To Beat The Deadline 

Property boom as home and overseas buyers rush to beat the deadline 

Property buyers are fighting off the pandemic to catch a new home before stamp duty goes back to its normal rate.  For overseas buyers, the race is even more important, as the rate will carry an additional surcharge for them from April. As part of the range of measures to provide economic support through the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government introduced a temporary holiday for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on the first £500,000 of purchases, but this will come to an end on 31 March 2021, when it will revert…

Renewing A Commercial Lease – What Can Be Negotiated?

Renewing a commercial lease – what can be negotiated?

Most lease renewals are governed by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, and the rules can be complicated and confusing. However, if your commercial lease is up for renewal, you want to ensure you get the most favourable terms for your business. In this post, we look at the key things to negotiate when renewing a commercial lease to help you understand what terms you might be able to change. How do I renew a commercial lease? If you would like to renew the lease on your commercial property, you…

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