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High-rise residential building safety requirements

high rise buildings safety requirements

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published information regarding the requirements for high-rise residential buildings under the Building Safety Bill.

As part of the Building Safety Act, the HSE has published information regarding safety case requirements for residential buildings.

Management companies or others who are “invested” i.e., manage or who are responsible in higher-risk residential buildings are required, under the proposed changes, to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the buildings they manage are safe, as well as to prepare a safety case and report.

It is proposed that those responsible produce a safety case report that identifies major accident hazards associated with fire and structural risks in the building, and that demonstrates:

  • How they are keeping the building safe.
  • How the measures in place to prevent and limit the consequences of a major accident are sufficient and effective.
  • That there is a robust approach to the ongoing management of the building to make sure those measures remain effective.

HSE recommends that those responsible for high-rise residential buildings start preparing for the new safety case regime as early as possible. It will provide more detail on the new legislation as it develops.

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high rise buildings safety requirements
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