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What rights do absent parents have if they come back into a child’s life after several years’ away?

The concept of a traditional family unit has changed, and, in some situations, this can give rise to problems. Figures from 2016 suggest that not only does it have a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of the family unit, but it has a financial impact too. According to the Relationships Foundation’s report ‘The Cost of Family Failure Index’, the economic impact of family breakdown in 2016 was higher than the UK defence budget, at an astonishing £48billion. That breaks down to an individual cost for each and every taxpayer…

Hostile attacks – how can you defend yourself against overseas hackers?

You’ve been hacked. They’ve got into your Wi-Fi at home or at work and accessed personal details. You’re in a flat panic - how much information have they got to? What has been compromised? And what do you do about it? Once the dust settles and you’ve dealt with the immediate crisis, it’s time to start an investigation into how it happened in the first place. Is it your fault, or is it your ISP who is to blame? Read the T&Cs Internet service providers make it very clear in…

Immigration Act 2014 – Tougher responsibilities on landlords

Earlier this year the Government's bill to tackle immigration was passed. The Immigration Act 2014 ("the Act") broadens the policing on immigration by placing additional responsibilities on the public at large, and more precisely on landlords. Under the Act landlords will be expected to examine if a prospective tenant has the right to be in the UK. If a landlord is found renting a property to an illegal migrant without carrying out the necessary checks that is expected of them under the Act they may find themselves liable for a…

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