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How secure is your password

How secure is your password?

The need for cybersecurity is more crucial today than ever, with individuals and companies alike relying heavily on hardware and cloud-based servers to store and retrieve secured data, particularly when working remotely during COVID-19 lockdowns. We live in an evolving digital age with consistent advancements in technology, but as technology grows and develops, so do cyberattacks. A brute force attack method is simply trying every possible combination there could be. The colour-coded chart from Hive Systems provides an indication of just how long it would take a hacker to crack…

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New protection for innovators with launch of digital asset fingerprinting

A new online digital fingerprinting service has been launched to help protect designs and innovations from copycat misuse. The World Intellectual Property Organisation’s new online business platform – known as WIPO PROOF – is designed to safeguard intellectual assets by creating date and time-stamped digital fingerprints when information is uploaded. Owners of the assets receive tamper-proof evidence to safeguard every stage of the development cycle through to commercialisation.  The aim is to speed up any subsequent litigation over copyright, design or patent, by recording and confirming each stage.   The platform…

Who is responsible when you get scammed: you or the bank?

In the first six months of 2018, online scammers had a bit of a field day with UK customers’ bank accounts. In fact, they drained over £500million from British customers between January and June. So despite the advent of better firewalls, higher levels of awareness about online scams, and repeated reminders to stop people randomly giving away their personal and account details, the scammers are seemingly still making a nice living from UK banking customers. £145million of that amount was the result of what are known as ‘Authorised Push Payment’…

What to do if your business is being held to ransom

Cybercrime, both against businesses and individuals, is becoming more common. It’s frightening and a major issue for businesses, which can end up having a big impact on your finances. There are also some pretty heavy potential legal issues to think about too, especially if your customers’ data has been compromised. Contrary to popular belief, it’s mainly small businesses that face the brunt of attacks. While large corporations face being bombarded by hacks on a daily basis, they often have entire departments dedicated to fighting off cyber attacks and blackmail attempts.…

Hostile attacks – how can you defend yourself against overseas hackers?

You’ve been hacked. They’ve got into your Wi-Fi at home or at work and accessed personal details. You’re in a flat panic - how much information have they got to? What has been compromised? And what do you do about it? Once the dust settles and you’ve dealt with the immediate crisis, it’s time to start an investigation into how it happened in the first place. Is it your fault, or is it your ISP who is to blame? Read the T&Cs Internet service providers make it very clear in…

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