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How secure is your password?

How secure is your password

The need for cybersecurity is more crucial today than ever, with individuals and companies alike relying heavily on hardware and cloud-based servers to store and retrieve secured data, particularly when working remotely during COVID-19 lockdowns.

We live in an evolving digital age with consistent advancements in technology, but as technology grows and develops, so do cyberattacks.

A brute force attack method is simply trying every possible combination there could be. The colour-coded chart from Hive Systems provides an indication of just how long it would take a hacker to crack your password. You will note the time varies depending on the number of characters, numbers, and symbols used.

Hive Systems - the time it takes a hacker to crack your password

The Chart is truly shocking when you think how much we rely on passwords to protect our wealth and personal information. If your password contains only 4 or 5 characters then it could be hacked almost instantly, irrespective of whether it includes a mix of character types!

Clearly, an obscure and varied password made up of more characters and a combination of numbers, letters and symbols is a sure-fire way to ensure your password is as secure as possible as it could take even the best of hackers years to crack.

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How secure is your password
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