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Checking all your T&Cs match up to the new normal

Companies should prioritise risk management in their approach to business and review their third-party relationships and contracts as the coronavirus pandemic continues. While the degree of disruption to supplies and staffing has settled since its initial peak, it is still fragile, and the future uncertain.  Staff are engaged in new ways of working and supply chains continue to experience pressures outside their control. With the pandemic reaching into every aspect of business, it is important to review practices, policies and processes to be sure they match up to the new…

Restrictive Covenants

In this article we look at the differences between the use of Restrictive Covenants in employment contracts and commercial contracts such as share purchase agreements. Background Restrictive covenants have been in the headlines recently, triggered by the government's consultation on whether their use stifles entrepreneurship by preventing workers from starting up their own business after leaving a job. Restrictive covenants are commonly used in employment contracts to prohibit ex-employees from competing with their previous employer by soliciting or dealing with their clients or poaching their remaining staff. As a matter…

Top 10 tips when buying a business

Purchasing a business can be a complicated process. Here are our top 10 tips when buying a business. 1. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying It may seem like obvious advice but the due diligence procedure, where the business is examined in detail, is often the most crucial part of a purchase transaction. It is vital that you and your legal and accounting advisors examine the various aspects of the business including its accounts, commercial contracts, employee details, premises and other liabilities. Due diligence should also reveal how…

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