How Long Does It Take To Buy A Property? Everything You Need To Know.

How long does it take to buy a property? Everything you need to know.

Buying a new home is exciting, but you may be anxious about how long the process could take from start to finish. Understanding how long you can expect to wait before you get the keys to your new home can help you to plan both practically and financially. In this post, we set out an estimated duration for each stage of the conveyancing process. Finding your new home (8-12 weeks) Finding your ideal property is possibly the most difficult stage to allocate a time limit as this really depends on…

Relaxed planning rules to be made permanent

The process for converting commercial property to residential has become easier, now that temporary planning rules removing the need for planning applications to convert certain types of building have been made permanent. The rules, which apply to B1 use properties (including offices, research and development premises and light industry) being converted for C3 use (residential housing), were set to end in May 2016. However, they will now be made permanent – much to the relief of commercial landowners and developers. Removing planning application requirements for converting certain commercial buildings should…

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