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Focus on Residential property department

This month we take a look at our Residential property department which is headed up by Jeremy Lewis, Partner. The Bowling & Co highly experienced and skilled residential team advises clients based in London, throughout the UK and overseas on a wide range of residential property transactions. Help when you need it Our residential staff are here to help guide and support you throughout the process of buying or selling and aim to offer clear, concise and jargon free advice. A residential property transaction can be an exciting but ultimately…

Disputing a Will can be a very costly exercise

Record numbers of inheritance disputes are going through the courts as modern family structures and rising house prices push more families to contest unfavourable outcomes.  One recent case has seen a family lose out after legal action involved two brothers who have run up fees of more than their entire inheritance by disputing a stepmother's share of their father’s estate. The trend towards increased inheritance disputes has been attributed to a number of factors.  Increasing numbers of so-called ‘blended’ families where divorced parents re-marry is one such factor, with original family members…

I want it in writing!

To create a legally binding contract there must be in place the following four key elements: An offer to enter into a contract from one party to the other; Acceptance of the offer; Intention of the parties to create legal relations; and Consideration - being something (often money) in exchange for what is being offered. With the exception of contracts for land in English Law, there is no requirement for a contract to be in writing, and a verbal contract is just as valid as a written one. Verbal contracts,…

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