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Safeguarding design is a priority for small business

Cheaper registration fees are an opportunity for small businesses and designers to secure greater protection for their intellectual property in future, as well as being a route to protection in the UK post-Brexit. A registered design is one of the options available from the Intellectual Property Office, alongside trade marking, patenting and copyright. It protects the visual appearance of a product including the shape, texture, materials, colour and pattern and gives the right to prevent others from using the design for up to 25 years through a renewal process every five years. …

Changes that affect your confirmation statements

The Confirmation Statement – Replacing the Annual Return Where UK limited companies and LLPs were required to file an annual return they will now be required to complete a new form, the confirmation statement, which is to be filed at Companies House. This is one of the many changes that have been brought in by the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 – other important changes in this legislation include the requirement for companies to keep a Persons of Significant Control Register (PSC Register) and a ban on corporate directors.…

New register of all people with significant control of companies

One of the major changes to the administration of companies in the UK is coming in via the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (the Act) which will introduce the requirement for a company to create a public register of individuals who hold significant control of the Company or “People with Significant Control” (PSC). The changes brought in by the Act will create greater transparency in respect of companies in the UK. The Act defines a PSC as anyone who meets one (or more) of the following conditions: owns…

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