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Property Ownership – who is the real beneficial owner?

The UK has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign investment in real estate over recent years. Such investment has significant benefits to the economy and provides many jobs for the construction industry. When overseas companies invest in the UK this gives concern for potential illegal activity to take place. This concern has been voiced by the UK government and has led to the proposed introduction of a beneficial ownership register. The UK government seek to have clear corporate transparency in order that properties which are owned through…

Unmarried couples need to protect themselves

A landmark victory in the Supreme Court has seen a Northern Ireland woman win a share of her former partner’s pension, with commentators saying it’s likely to add impetus to the drive for greater rights for unmarried couples.  But, in the meantime, cohabitees should face up and formalise arrangements, rather than keeping their fingers crossed.   The victory of Denise Brewster involved her claim for a survivor’s pension after her long-term, live-in partner Lenny McMullan died suddenly, shortly after they had become engaged.  He had paid into Northern Ireland’s local…

Crowd-funding property investments: open to anyone with a spare £10

Successive political, cultural and financial developments over recent years have led to the emergence of a generation of people for whom property ownership is a distant dream. For some, property ownership is not appealing in itself. For others, the chance of saving a meaningful deposit is so remote that the prospect isn't even entertained. Even successful Landlords with vast and profitable property portfolios are losing interest in the sector, as taxation and regulatory disincentives dampen the mood (is the age of the amateur landlord over?). The good news is that…

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