Top 5 things to check when investing in commercial property

Investing in commercial property can be an attractive proposal. From the point of view of returns on investment a commercial property can be a good choice. Rental yields for a commercial property are generally higher than a residential property and commercial lease periods are now returning to longer periods, providing a level of comfort for landlords. As the commercial sectors grow the requirement for office space will only increase. Before investing in commercial property, we suggest considering the following points: 1. Location Location, location, location. This can not be underestimated and is so important.…

Service charges payable under leases

What is service charge? Essentially service charge is a payment made by the tenant to the landlord for costs that have been incurred in relation to services provided to the property. Charges may include costs associated with general maintenance, repairs, insurance, community central heating, lighting, cleaning of the common areas and gardening/landscaping. As a landlord am I obliged to provide services? This is subject to what the lease provides. Some leases will specify services that the landlord is required to provide. Others will mention which services the landlord may provide…

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