Small suppliers set to get intel on big company payment performance

New regulations designed to help small businesses get paid on time came into force this month, with a requirement for larger companies to publish information about how long they take to pay suppliers. The requirement affects companies and LLPs who exceed two or more of the qualifying thresholds at the date of their last two balance sheets. The thresholds are based on the definition of ‘medium-sized’ under the Companies Act 2006 and are an annual turnover of £36 million, a balance sheet total of £18 million and an average of 250…

Do you pay your bills on time?

Payment Terms The Government has produced draft regulations that will require ‘large businesses’ to publish their payment terms. And by ‘large business’, it means any company or LLP that meets any two of the following tests: £36+ million turnover £18+ million balance sheet 250 employees or more Originally intended to come into force this April, the law appears to have been postponed until the company’s next financial year beginning on or after 6th April 2017.The regulations will require the disclosure of the following information via an online Government portal within…

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