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Covid-19: Help with your mortgage

During these unprecedented times, many homeowners and buy to let landlords will have a fear of what will happen with their home or investment property if they cannot continue to make mortgage payments. Unlike the provisions to protect residential and commercial tenants from eviction, mortgage holidays from UK lenders are (as things stand) not enforced by law. The policy adopted by most lenders is the consequence of an agreement between the government and principle lenders, but, this scheme is voluntary and does not have to be supported by a lender…

Focus on Residential property department

This month we take a look at our Residential property department which is headed up by Jeremy Lewis, Partner. The Bowling & Co highly experienced and skilled residential team advises clients based in London, throughout the UK and overseas on a wide range of residential property transactions. Help when you need it Our residential staff are here to help guide and support you throughout the process of buying or selling and aim to offer clear, concise and jargon free advice. A residential property transaction can be an exciting but ultimately…

10 things to consider before purchasing a home

1. Choosing your solicitor and other professionals Becoming a homeowner for the first time or buying a house is a financial and emotional decision that requires the experience and support of a team of reliable professionals including a solicitor, an estate agent and possibly a lender and a range of other individuals. Appointing a team as soon as possible is key to the transaction. 2. Finance Working out what you can afford can help you plan and make a decision on a property purchase quickly. A pre-qualification letter (agreement in principle)…

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