Reservations over home buying reservation agreements

If there’s one thing that infuriates house sellers (other than being gazumped) it’s a buyer pulling out at the last moment without a good reason. However, the government have stepped in and announced that 2019 will see a trial for reservation agreements – which basically tells conveyancers that buyers who pull out of a transaction because they ‘didn’t like the colour of the bathroom’ will face consequences. And those consequences could be costly. Housing Minister Heather Wheeler informed the Council for Licenced Conveyancers annual conference that reservation agreements could be…

Tribunal fees dropped after court ruling

A government beset by policy U-turns has faced yet another one recently, as the Supreme Court ruled that employment tribunal fees were ‘inconsistent with access to justice’, and therefore unlawful. Not only has this caused red faces at the Ministry, but it could hit the government’s coffers too – potentially up to £32million in repayments to workers intent on getting justice. The challenge to the charges for bringing an employment tribunal claim – £1,200 in many cases – was brought by trade union Unison. Their argument was that the fee…

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