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A toolkit for family breakdown in the lockdown

The coronavirus crisis is redefining lifestyles and the boundaries of our interactions; a situation that can challenge even the strongest bonds.  For couples who are struggling in their relationship, or trying to manage co-parenting, anxiety levels are likely to be heightened if it seems there is nowhere to turn, while personal movements are restricted and even the family courts are working remotely.  "For myself, and my colleagues across the country, being a family lawyer means being there for all the challenges, not just the day in court, and at this…

Launch of Covid-19 Coronavirus Hub by Davenport Solicitors

To help stay on top of the continuous updates and changes in employment law that the Covid-19 situation presents, Davenport Solicitors have launched the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hub. This hub will be regularly updated with the latest developments in employment law. If your business and people have been impacted and you are seeking advice.

Coronavirus, Commercial Landlords and Tenants

There is essentially zero certainty as to what is currently going on in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the most turbulent and ambiguous areas of law at present is how will Commercial Landlords and Tenants be affected by the situation and the interim “relief” being introduced by the Government. The Government published the “Extra protection for businesses with ban on evictions for commercial Tenants who miss rent payments” on the 23rd of March 2020. In short, Commercial Tenants who are unable to pay rent because of Coronavirus…

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