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Job Retention Bonus: employers to receive £1,000 bonus

During his Summer Statement, the chancellor announced key initiatives to help the UK economy recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The introduction of the Job Retention Bonus was high up on the agenda. What is the Job Retention Bonus? The Job Retention Bonus is a one-off payment to employers for every furloughed employee retained from November 2020 (due to the furlough scheme ending October 2020) to the end of January 2021. The government will award a £1,000 bonus to the employer for each worker still employed by January…

Coronavirus, Commercial Landlords and Tenants

There is essentially zero certainty as to what is currently going on in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the most turbulent and ambiguous areas of law at present is how will Commercial Landlords and Tenants be affected by the situation and the interim “relief” being introduced by the Government. The Government published the “Extra protection for businesses with ban on evictions for commercial Tenants who miss rent payments” on the 23rd of March 2020. In short, Commercial Tenants who are unable to pay rent because of Coronavirus…

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