Interview with David Downham our Practice Director

Interview with David Downham our Practice Director Q: How long have you worked at Bowling & Co?A: 18 years, having joined on 1st June 2001.. Q: What attracted you to the profession?A: Having previously worked in the Civil Service and Accountancy worlds, I wanted a change of direction, and whilst studying to be a Chartered Secretary, I decided that the legal profession seemed a natural fit with my chartered studies, so I moved into this area. Q: Who (or what) inspired you?A: My late father, Ernie Downham; in his early…

Lasting Powers of Attorney and why you need one

With an ageing population in England and Wales, mental capacity is increasingly becoming an issue for a wide range of families. Mental capacity is a legal concept which defines a person's ability to make a specific decision or to do a particular act. If a person loses capacity, safeguards need to be put in place to cater for the eventuality. What are the safeguards? Preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney The answer is: preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney, whilst one still has capacity, in anticipation of the possibility that at some…

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