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Launch of Covid-19 Coronavirus Hub by Davenport Solicitors

To help stay on top of the continuous updates and changes in employment law that the Covid-19 situation presents, Davenport Solicitors have launched the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hub. This hub will be regularly updated with the latest developments in employment law. If your business and people have been impacted and you are seeking advice.

Property Ownership – who is the real beneficial owner?

The UK has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign investment in real estate over recent years. Such investment has significant benefits to the economy and provides many jobs for the construction industry. When overseas companies invest in the UK this gives concern for potential illegal activity to take place. This concern has been voiced by the UK government and has led to the proposed introduction of a beneficial ownership register. The UK government seek to have clear corporate transparency in order that properties which are owned through…

What do solicitors look for when evaluating contracts?

As Corporate lawyers we are regularly asked to read through and assess various contracts for clients. In today’s busy world most clients only need to know whether or not it is a well-written contract and whether or not it covers everything. However, when evaluating contracts there are many more points we look to cover. Essential terms One of the first things to check is whether or not all of the essential terms of the contract are there. Whilst a contract can technically be formed orally in most jurisdictions, a solid…

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