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Shareholders’ Agreement: why should your company have one?

Although there is no legal requirement to have a Shareholders’ Agreement (‘SHA’), shareholders are often advised to have an agreement when starting a company with more than one shareholder. An SHA is an agreement between all or some of a company’s shareholders defining the parties’ rights and duties and how they will reach certain decisions. The following are some of the important reasons why your company should have an SHA in place: Privacy When a company is incorporated, the Articles of Association of the company are filed at Companies House,…

The importance of choosing a good conveyancing solicitor

Your solicitor will conduct a range of tasks on your behalf, whether you are buying or selling, or both. General tasks include: Drafting and reviewing sale or purchase contracts; Dealing with Land Registry; Managing the collection and transfer of funds; and Providing legal advice and recommendations. If you are buying a property your solicitor will also carry out additional tasks including: Conducting searches on the property (these can include Local Authority search, Environmental search etc.); and Managing Stamp Duty charges and payments to HMRC. Here are some tips you should…

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