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Private Fostering – A short guide

In 2000, the country was shocked to the core by the murder of 8-year-old Victoria Climbié. She was privately fostered with her great aunt, who had arranged a fostering agreement with the child’s parents. After this tragic case, legislation was swiftly introduced to stop another tragedy by ensuring that vulnerable children were placed in safe, secure homes, regardless of the relationship of the carer to the child. It also means that local authorities now have to be a part of any private fostering arrangement, regardless of whether or not it’s…

Rogue landlords

Local Authorities are looking to crack down on rogue landlords. It is reported that a cash injection of £5million will be distributed amongst 48 local councils in order to tackle the growing situation of negligent landlords, who are letting their properties to tenants that are living in dangerous conditions. Local Authorities have long been trying to reduce the number of rogue landlords. Some London Councils have sought to tackle rogue landlords by the introduction of the Private Rented Licencing Scheme in 2014. The Scheme requires all landlords or their agents…

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