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Landlord & Tenant: A mouldy problem – who is responsible for getting rid of mould in rented accommodation?

By the end of 2021, a quarter of UK households will rent privately. That’s approximately 5.8 million households renting, due to the combination of soaring house prices and salaries remaining relatively static.  Anyone who has been a serial renter will know that the state of privately rented housing can vary hugely.  Some landlords take pride in their work, furnishing and finishing their properties to a high standard; whereas others complete the job as quickly and cheaply as possible.  For the latter category, neglecting standards can cause all sorts of issues…

Investing in Student Accommodation

UK Housing Sector growth Triggered by the UK being the second most popular destination for international students, global investment into the UK housing sector is predicted to enjoy strong growth in the future, fuelling developments for student accommodation for rental purposes, which enjoy good revenue streams. However, there are pitfalls to avoid and this article highlights some common areas of risk when investing in student accommodation. Tax Planning A recurring issue in student accommodation development is trying to obtain zero-rating eligibility so that VAT can be recovered. For example, a…

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