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Hostile attacks – how can you defend yourself against overseas hackers?

You’ve been hacked. They’ve got into your Wi-Fi at home or at work and accessed personal details. You’re in a flat panic - how much information have they got to? What has been compromised? And what do you do about it? Once the dust settles and you’ve dealt with the immediate crisis, it’s time to start an investigation into how it happened in the first place. Is it your fault, or is it your ISP who is to blame? Read the T&Cs Internet service providers make it very clear in…

Panama Papers fallout will impact every business

Media reporting on the so-called Panama Papers has focused on the tax affairs of wealthy individuals and international organisations, but the hacking of client files at Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has implications for every business. The largest leak in history, with some 2.6 terabytes of data involved, the shockwaves of the Panama incident have been felt around the globe, and the hacking is a wake-up call to companies that don’t already treat their cyber-security with the same stringency as their legal, regulatory, financial or operational risks. This was a…

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