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Top 10 tips when buying a business

Purchasing a business can be a complicated process. Here are our top 10 tips when buying a business. 1. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying It may seem like obvious advice but the due diligence procedure, where the business is examined in detail, is often the most crucial part of a purchase transaction. It is vital that you and your legal and accounting advisors examine the various aspects of the business including its accounts, commercial contracts, employee details, premises and other liabilities. Due diligence should also reveal how…

Top 10 tips when selling your business

Deciding to sell your business is by no means an easy choice to make. Here are our top 10 tips for getting everything in order and preparing your business for sale. 1. Obtain a business valuation One of the first things you should do is obtain a realistic idea of what your business is worth from an objective, outside source. A professional valuation will give you a basis for gauging offers from buyers and will give you an idea of what you can expect to achieve on a sale. It…

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