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Official launch of new Osbon Pharmacy

On 31 January 2019 Osbon Limited (a company owned by Daniel Osei-Bonsu and his wife, Benedicta Osei-Bonsu) purchased the entire issued share capital of AMF Medica Limited which owned a pharmacy at 52/54 Dorothy Sawyers Drive, Witham, Essex. The sellers were Meena Patel and her husband, Neelesh Patel. AMF Medica Limited, through Neelesh Patel, also had entered into an agreement for lease with Bellway Homes for purpose built premises near the existing pharmacy to relocate the pharmacy (and convenience store) to the new premises once the new premises were built. The new premises are at the Retail Unit, Forest Road, Witham. Osbon Limited continued trading from the existing premises at Dorothy Sawyers Drive and then relocated to the new premises upon completion of the fit-out works.

The photograph above is the official opening of the Pharmacy and convenience store at the new premises. In the photograph (from left to right):

1. Meena and Neelesh Patel, sellers of AMF Medica Limited;

2. Priti Patel, current Home Secretary, cordially invited to open the Pharmacy;

3. Benedicta Osei-Bonsu, Director and shareholder of Osbon Pharmacy; and

4. Danny Osei-Bonsu, Director of Osbon Pharmacy that bought AMF Medica Limited.

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