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How to rent – new guide just released by the government

Speech bubble with how to rent and how to let

The government has just released the new ‘How to Rent’ guide on March 24th. Letting agents and landlords must provide this guide to tenants at the start of any new tenancy or on renewal.

In 2014, the first version of the “How to rent: A Checklist for Renting in England’ was published. At the time it was mandatory for agents and landlords in England to provide this guide to their tenants at the start of any new tenancy or renewal, and to ensure that they were given the latest version of the booklet if it had been updated. If a landlord fails to provide the guide or an updated version, they will be prevented from using a S.21 eviction (often called a “no-fault” eviction) when applying for an eviction. Instead, they will have to rely only on what is called a Section 8 eviction.

It is important for landlords and agents to keep up to date with the latest versions of the guide to avoid potential legal issues and ensure they are meeting their obligations to tenants.

The guide has been updated to include the requirements, such as the fitting of carbon monoxide alarms in every room with a fixed fuel-burning appliance, and the provision of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) to tenants that contain information on fitting smart meters. It also includes information on ensuring that the property is suitable for those with disabilities.

The new versions of the How to Rent and How to Let guides are available on the website here:

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This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.

Speech bubble with how to rent and how to let
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