Covid-19: The use of electronic signatures (e-signatures)

Signing Documents and Covid-19 E-signatures are now considered valid subject to certain requirements. In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic the use of e-signatures has increased and many law firms have started using this form of signature within their deeds and documents to reduce the risk to their clients and themselves At present it is acceptable for deeds and documents to be signed with e-signatures, but only under the following circumstances: The requisite intent and appropriate authority (you intend to sign via this method) have been applied to use e-signatures;There…

Protecting your assets: extending your lease

Many people who own a leasehold property will – at some point - face having to make a difficult decision about whether or not they should extend their lease. With an aging and growing population and with the continuing trend of developers building blocks of flats, this question can only become more prevalent. The first question that will, naturally, spring to cross one's mind is: how? Followed closely perhaps by: it is worth the time and expense? In an era where most people look for ways to create wealth, extending…

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