Challenging times: what happens when family is cut out of the will?

High profile inheritance disputes follow celebrities and the super-rich as surely as night follows day, but such challenges are becoming increasingly common, whatever the values involved. Some of the names to have made headlines include the artist Salvador Dali, whose body was exhumed last year for a DNA test after a woman claimed to be his daughter and entitled to a share of his $1bn estate. Former South African President Nelson Mandela left the bulk of his estate to his current wife, but his late ex-wife Winnie challenged the will,…

Disinherited daughter receives £164,000 inheritance

In the recent, and heavily publicised case of Ilott v Mitson a woman's disinherited daughter has received £164,000 from her estate. The case involved the estate of the late Melita Jackson and her daughter Heather. Heather had left home at 17 and had not been in contact with her mother for some 26 years and had been excluded from her late mother's will. Ms Jackson had left her entire £486,000 estate to various charities, however, her daughter applied under the Inheritance (Provisions for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 stating that the will failed to…

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