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Covid-19: Business continuity and risk management: part 2

This the second part of a two-part blog about business continuity plans (BCP) and the changing risk landscape. Read part one here. Why have a BCP? The whole point of a well-planned BCP is so that a business can continue its operations during an incident or disaster, hopefully uninterrupted. Or if the business is disrupted, then the BCP should help to minimise the issues and keep the arteries of the business functions flowing. Key contacts will need to be calm and work methodically in any crisis and communication will be…

Covid-19: Business continuity and risk management: part 1

"Since 2001, in my varied role at the firm, I have helped the partners to manage the risks of compliance and operations. Business continuity is always there at the back of your mind, but Covid-19 has been a game-changer in risk terms . . .", commented David Downham, Practice Director and Risk Manager at Bowling & Co. Let's start with some background on risk management and planning. Business continuity is a key phrase often quoted whenever a business, large or small, contemplates updating or testing their disaster recovery plan -…

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