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Statutory Legacy Sum increases

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A significant change came into effect on 26 July, the Statutory Legacy Sum increased from £270,000 to £322,000 in England and Wales. This important update aims to provide a fairer distribution of assets and a more substantial financial provision for loved ones left behind.

What is the Statutory Legacy Sum?

The statutory legacy sum, also known as the “statutory legacy,” is the minimum amount of a deceased person’s estate that their surviving spouse or civil partner is entitled to receive under the intestacy rules. In cases where the deceased passed away without leaving a valid Will or their Will is deemed invalid, the statutory legacy comes into play to ensure that surviving spouses are not left without sufficient financial support.

Why has the statutory legacy sum increased?

The existing statutory legacy sum is reviewed periodically to keep up with inflation and changing economic conditions. The most recent review has led to the decision to raise the sum, aiming to better reflect the current cost of living and financial needs.

The increase should address the concerns raised by many who found the previous sum inadequate to cover their immediate and long-term financial requirements. The increased statutory legacy sum should offer greater protection to surviving spouses, acknowledging the important role they play in the lives of the deceased and the contributions they make to the household.

What is the anticipated impact?

It is expected that the statutory legacy sum will have a positive impact on bereaved spouses and civil partners, providing them with a more substantial financial safety net during what is a difficult time. This change will offer reassurance to individuals who had previously worried about their financial security and well-being following the loss of their partner.

Moreover, the increase may also encourage more people to consider updating their Wills or creating a Will if they haven’t already done so. While intestacy rules provide a fallback in the event of having no will in place. Having a valid and up-to-date Will remains crucial to ensure that one’s assets are distributed according to their specific wishes and preferences.

Challenges and considerations

While the proposed increase in the statutory legacy sum is a positive step towards improving inheritance laws, there are some challenges and considerations to keep in mind. For instance, some may argue that the revised sum might still not be sufficient to meet the diverse financial needs of surviving spouses, especially in high-cost areas or complex family situations. As such, it remains essential for individuals to consider comprehensive estate planning to tailor their Wills according to their unique circumstances.

Additionally, keeping abreast of changes in succession rules and regularly reviewing one’s Will in light of such updates is crucial. Seeking legal advice from professionals specialising in Wills and probate can be immensely valuable in understanding the implications of these changes and ensuring one’s wishes are appropriately documented. Creating a Will tailored to one’s unique situation remains the most effective way to guarantee that loved ones are provided for according to one’s specific wishes.

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