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Interview with Huseyin Youssouf of our Commercial property department

Huseyin Youssouf

Interview with Huseyin Youssouf, Partner in our Commercial property department

Q: How long have you worked at Bowling & Co?
A: Since 1 January 2000, 19 years and counting.

Q: What areas of law do you mainly deal with?
A:Commercial property/ Finance, Businesses, High street shops, hotels, care homes, golf course as well as the usual plethora of investment properties and Residential property

Q: What aspects of law first attracted you to the profession?
A: From the outside it seemed like a prestigious, respected and well rewarded profession.
I was highly interested in commercial property and always have been because I have many senior family members and their friends who have a lot of commercial property dealings.

Q: Who (or what) inspired you?
A: I have always looked up to my brother in law, Mr. Huseyin E. Huseyin and also having my family behind me supporting every movement I’ve made, which inspired me to become a Partner at Bowling & Co Solicitors.

Q: How would others describe you in three words?
A: Friendly, loyal and reliable

Huseyin Youssouf
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