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Bowling & Co Solicitors is proud to support National Conveyancing Week

National Conveyancing Week

Bowling & Co Solicitors is proud to support National Conveyancing Week, a brand-new initiative to improve the experience of home movers and professionals involved in the home moving process.

National Conveyancing Week has been launched to raise the profile of organisations that conduct property transactions, with the inaugural event taking place from the 20th to the 24th of March.

Property lawyers up and down the country are taking part in a series of events over the course of the week designed to educate and inform all those involved in the home-moving process about the often-complex role of the lawyer in helping people move home.

The property market is the backbone of the UK economy. A healthy property market will generate c. £50bn of economic activity each year as home movers pay for the direct home moving costs (banks, mortgage brokers, estate agents and property lawyers) alongside an estimated £25,000 per home move on soft furnishings, technology and connectivity, and white goods.

Since 2020 the property market has seen record-high numbers of people moving. Factors like homeworking have seen significant demographic shifts in lifestyle as people have sought more space; moving away from commuter belts into more rural locations and seeking additional rooms for home offices and studies.

This demand has driven record house prices and resulted in removal firms, estate agents, banks, and property lawyers struggling to cope with record levels of demand for their services.

Throughout the course of National Conveyancing Week, estate agents, mortgage brokers and introducers, and the home-moving public are invited to take part in a series of in-person events, and online and on-demand sessions to better understand the role of property lawyers in the home-moving process.

Founder of National Conveyancing Week Rob Hailstone says:

“Home buying and selling is one of the most important events that take place in the lives of nearly everyone at some point in time.  It can be time-consuming and difficult to understand for many. National Conveyancing Week aims to help de-mystify the many strands that make up the process, not just for the general public but also for the numerous stakeholders involved in it.”

Property Partner Rashida Zakir added: “

“Conveyancing professionals play a crucial role in the home buying process, providing expertise, guidance, and peace of mind to ensure a smooth and successful transaction for home buyers. Without the help of conveyancing professionals, the home-buying journey can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful. These experts bring their knowledge and experience to the table to guide buyers through the legal and administrative aspects of the process, making it easier and less worrying for everyone involved.”

National Conveyancing Week takes place from the 20th to the 24th of March. Visit National Conveyancing Week for more information.

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National Conveyancing Week
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