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5 ways to improve your office space

There are a wide variety of changes that can be made to create an ideal office space and you don’t necessarily have to spend a large amount of money to achieve it. Simple changes such as the following can make a big difference:

1. Comfort

It is often thought that when working conditions for staff are uncomfortable staff wellbeing and productivity decrease. However, if people feel comfortable in their place of work this could lead to higher productivity. Small things to improve could include: lighting, air conditioning or climate control, even comfortable chairs and the ability for staff to add their own unique touch to their desk space.

2. Improved security for the office

Staff want confidence in knowing themselves and their possessions are safe when at work. Providing lockers or draws with locks is a quick way to provide some secure storage for any possessions.

3. Meeting rooms and a nice reception area

The reception area sets the scene for the rest of the building as it is usually the first place staff and clients will see when entering your offices. Meeting rooms will also benefit both staff and clients, try adding whiteboards to allow for staff/client collaboration. Drinks facilities are also a must have for any modern office space be it a water cooler to a machine offering freshly ground coffee.

4. Communal facilities

This is of course space permitting, but if staff have a dedicated area where they can socialise over lunch away from their desks with comfort and have the use of good kitchen facilities this is likely to positively impact on staff happiness.

5. Increased Wi-Fi

In the digital age we now live in the need for fast and reliable internet access is an added bonus to both staff and clients and with the increase in many businesses adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy the need will only increase.

The above are just suggestions and are by no means an exhaustive list to creating the ideal office space. This will depend on many things from the industry in which your business operates through to annual budget.

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