As many as 30% of fathers could be taking up shared parental leave

A year on from the introduction of shared parental leave in April 2015, take-up is looking higher than initially expected. However, conflicting news reports around surveys into the subject suggest more research is needed to evaluate its popularity. ‘Just 1% of fathers take the opportunity to split time off’. This shockingly low statistic about shared parental leave hit the headlines in April. The survey from which it was pulled – conducted by My Family Care and the Women’s Business Council – questioned more than 1,000 individuals, as well as 200…

Getting ready for Shared Parental Leave

The new era of family friendly rights is almost upon us and with just weeks to go before Shared Parental Leave will come in to force alongside maternity, paternity and adoption leave for births or placements on or after 5 April 2015. Is your business ready? Shared Parental Leave is being applied in order to encourage the sharing of leave between working parents and allow flexibility for employees to both take part in family care should they wish to. Shared Parental Leave does not replace existing maternity, paternity and adoption…

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