Beat the workplace bullies

Nobody should ever have to start their working day worrying about being harassed, bullied, or intimidated in the workplace. We spend nearly a third of our lives at work, so it should always be a place where we feel safe. Not only does bullying in the workplace drive down productivity, but it can become so bad that it leads to conflict that destroys morale, triggers mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and even forces good workers to find another position simply to get away from the problem. However, running…

Hot air and bra sizes all add to the discrimination mix

The news that Airbnb has adopted a new anti-discrimination code, following accusations of racism by hosts on the home-sharing site, highlights the growing challenge in managing this increasingly sensitive issue. Other recent headlines have ranged from EasyJet flight attendants fighting for family-friendly working practices that support them as new mothers, to uproar after the Matching Models recruitment agency specified a bra size and requirement for ‘attractive’ applicants in its recruiting material. The Supreme Court is due to decide whether a bus company discriminated when a disabled user was unable to…

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