Stripping it back to understand dress codes

This summer has seen dress codes being re-written by Royalty, MPs and now the Anglican Church, leaving many wondering where they stand in the workplace. First, the Queen conducted the State Opening of Parliament in a hat and coat, in place of the traditional gown and crown. Then the Speaker of the House declared jackets and ties an unnecessary convention for male MPs. And now the Synod, the Church of England’s ruling body, has agreed to a change in canon law that will see clergy able to ditch their traditional…

Private internet use at work

Employers face stricter controls on private internet monitoring Recent news headlines have warned employees that social media chat and email conversations at work are open to being read by the boss, following a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights. But experts say that the headline writers have missed the point, as the ruling in Bărbelescu v Romania puts greater pressure on employers to justify any monitoring of private messages, rather than any relaxation. The ruling did allow that companies have a right to monitor internet usage by…

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