The Data Protection Bill – how will it affect e-business?

How safe is your customers’ data? Are you managing their information responsibly, and, more importantly, correctly in the eyes of the law? The new Data Protection Bill is designed to update the existing laws, and hopefully plug a few gaps along the way. It’s big, it’s important, and it affects every single business that collects any kind of client or customer data, no matter how inconsequential a tiny packet of data may seem. It also gives your customers the ‘right to be forgotten’ – a major development and one you…

Businesses must keep foot on pedal for data protection

A major milestone in EU data protection law was marked when the General Data Protection Regulation came into force just before the EU Referendum. A huge piece of legislation that was set to replace the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 from May 2018, it marks a tough new era in EU-wide data protection, with new powers for data regulators and much stricter operating boundaries for businesses that process personally identifiable information about individuals. But for UK companies imagining that Brexit will have changed the need for them to comply, there’s a…

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