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Our Team

At Bowling & Co, our Private Client team is dedicated to providing specialised legal services to individual clients.

Why Choose Us

We understand the unique needs and concerns faced by individuals and families, and we are committed to delivering tailored solutions to protect their interests and assets. With our experienced team of solicitors, we offer comprehensive advice and representation in various areas of personal and family law.

Our Areas of Expertise

Wills and Estate Planning

Our Private Client Department assists clients in creating legally binding wills and developing effective estate plans. We provide advice on inheritance tax planning, asset protection, and the distribution of assets to ensure our clients’ wishes are fulfilled. Our solicitors have extensive knowledge of the legal requirements and tax implications involved in estate planning, enabling us to provide sound guidance tailored to each client’s circumstances.

Probate and Estate Administration

We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one can be emotionally challenging. Our solicitors provide compassionate support during the probate and estate administration process. We handle all aspects of estate administration, including obtaining grants of probate, collecting and distributing assets, and managing inheritance tax matters. Our goal is to efficiently navigate the legal complexities while alleviating the burden on our clients.

Trusts and Asset Protection

Our team has a wealth of experience in establishing and administering various types of trusts. We advise clients on the creation of trusts for asset protection, tax planning, and succession planning purposes. Our solicitors ensure compliance with legal requirements and provide ongoing trust administration services to maximise the benefits for our clients. We are dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ assets and preserving wealth for future generations.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

We assist clients in creating LPAs, empowering them to appoint trusted representatives to make decisions on their behalf in the event of incapacity. Our solicitors guide clients through the process of drafting and registering both Property and Financial Affairs LPAs and Health and Welfare LPAs. We prioritise our clients’ interests and preferences, ensuring that their wishes are respected, and their affairs are managed effectively.

Elder Law and Care Planning

Our Private Client Department recognises the unique legal and financial challenges faced by elderly clients and their families. We provide comprehensive advice on long-term care planning, funding options, and navigating complex legal matters. Our solicitors strive to protect our elderly clients’ interests and ensure they receive the care and support they deserve in their later years.

Estate Disputes and Contentious Probate

In cases of estate disputes or contested wills, our Private Client Department has the expertise to handle contentious probate matters. Our solicitors represent clients in challenging or defending wills, resolving disputes over estate administration, and addressing issues related to capacity or undue influence. We are committed to achieving fair resolutions through negotiation or, if necessary, through court proceedings.

At our UK solicitors’ firm, our Private Client Department is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to individual clients. With expertise in wills and estate planning, probate and estate administration, trusts and asset protection, LPAs, elder law and care planning, family law, and estate disputes, we are well-equipped to handle a wide range of personal and family law matters. Contact us today to discuss your private client needs and benefit from our expertise and personalised approach.

  • Will drafting
  • Probate and administration
  • Powers of Attorney, management of financial affairs and Testamentary Capacity
  • Trust formation and administration
  • Estate and financial planning
  • Tax advice
  • Court of Protection applications
  • Charitable trusts

We also adhere to the good practice standards of the Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Protocol, which means we always:

  • Treat you with dignity and respect.
  • Be polite and considerate.
  • Use clear language and keep legal jargon to a minimum.
  • Explain what the costs are likely to be and how we charge.
  • Advise you on the issues and the options for dealing with them.
  • Explain what you can expect from us.
  • Carry out our work in a timely manner.
  • Respond promptly to your enquiries; and
  • Keep you informed of our progress.

Meet our team

Manal Fouad

Partner, Head of Private Client

Private Client

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Dinesh Raja

Dinesh Raja

Managing Partner
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Huseyin E. Huseyin

Senior Partner, Head of Commercial Property
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Timur Huseyin

Timur Huseyin


Private Client

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What our clients say

“I used to work in a bank many years ago along where Bowling is on The Broadway. We used to recommend Bowling to customers who needed any legal assistance. What stands out for me is the friendliness of Manal and her staff. You will receive a friendly and efficient service.”

Mr MP – Private Client

“I’ve used Bowling & Co since 2002 with my mortgage, my Will and Power of Attorney. They helped me cover all the things I needed to complete my documents. I found it comforting when they were able to answer all the questions I had, and they were very thorough and very professional solicitors.”

Ms CI – Residential Property and Private Client

“The client–solicitor relationship can be difficult especially if one part does not understand or appreciate the other. I liked (‘enjoyed’) that I had an honest working relationship with my solicitor at Bowling & Co.”

Mr CT – Private Client

“I started dealing with Bowling & Co in 2000 and have always found them very professional, friendly, and can execute a matter without any issues. Easy to make an appointment.  Helpful, trustworthy and honest.”

Mr MY – Residential Property, Commercial, and Private Client

“My husband and I have used the services of Bowling & Co over the last 25+ years for the purposes of conveyancing, and my parents also used their services for conveyancing and for preparation of power of attorney documents and their wills. I also used them when my parents passed away, Bowling & Co completed the probate. I am pleased to confirm that I have had a positive and helpful experience on every occasion. I have no hesitation recommending Bowling & Co to others. If we need the advice or involvement of legal professionals again in the future, Bowling & Co will be our first point of contact.”

Mrs C – Private Client

“My experience was hassle-free, even in these pandemic times. Manal was friendly and always helpful, as was everyone at Bowling. I would definitely ask Manal for her help in the future for any of my legal needs. I am happy that my Will is in safe hands and that my son’s future is taken care of. Thank you.”

Mr P – Private Client

“I was especially pleased about the speed everything was handled as we were in the middle of the Covid­19 emergency.”

Ms C of London – Private Client

“Bowling & Co dealt with my mother’s probate in such a personal yet professional manner. I was provided with all the information I needed to make the right decisions.”

Mrs H – Private Client

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