Blog: How To Take Advantage Of The Stamp Duty Holiday

Blog: How to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday

If you are in the process of buying a property, you may have considered whether you will be able to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday, allowing you to save up to £15,000 on your property purchase. In this article, we look at how to take advantage of an extension of the stamp duty holiday and the potential impact for buyers and sellers on how transactions will proceed. Stamp duty holiday - demand and delays The stamp duty holiday was introduced to stimulate the property market and means that…

Changes to the Leasehold System – How do they affect you?

After the release of the latest committee report into the housing industry and developers’ use of leasehold agreements, many landlords are concerned that the government’s response could impact their businesses. Here, we look at the committee’s findings, examine what the government’s response is likely to be, and discuss the reaction of the housing sector so far. Committee Report Produced by MPs sitting on the Housing, Communities, and Local Government Committee, the report has caused alarm amongst many in the housing industry. Tasked with examining abuses of power in the leasehold…

What is adverse possession? – an explanation of the reality behind ‘squatter’s rights’

If you’re a property owner, one of the biggest worries is that ‘squatters’ will move into a vacant property and take up residency. If they are not removed quickly then there is the possibility that they can acquire the ownership of a property or a piece of land, simply by staying there for a long time. This is known as ‘adverse possession’ or more commonly, ‘squatter’s rights’. Adverse possession is based on the principle that if the property owner does not evict squatters from their property or land within a…

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